• UPVC Guttering

    C I Products supplies a comprehensive range of guttering and rainwater goods:

    • Half Round 112mm / 68mm Rainwater System
    • Square Line 114mm / 65mm Rainwater System
    • Ogee Rainwater System
    • Cast Iron Style Half Round Rainwater System
    • Cast Iron Style Square Downpipe System
    • Cast Iron Style Hi-Cap 115mm/68mm Rainwater System
    • Deepflow Rainwater System
    • Xtrflow (170mm)
    • Miniflow (76mm)
    • Water Butts
    • Rainwater Diverters
    • Floguard, Drainguard, Ballloon
    • Gutterbrush

    Rainwater goods are available in a variety of colours—including black, white, brown and grey.