• PVC-U Soffits

  • PVC-U Soffits

    With ventilation comes the ability for a roof space to breathe.  Our vented soffit boards are designed to include integral ventilation slots that will enable a constant flow of air to enter, and subsequently exit your roof space.  This simple science helps to deter mould growth and condensation, and will in turn prevent your rafters from rotting.

    Each of our vented soffit board styles is 9mm thick, and comes in a selection of different widths, colours and finishes. We can supply vented soffits that are flat, have a tongue-and-groove effect or are wider, to supply more air to larger roofs; creating an option for every taste, and type of property architecture.

    PVC-U Hollow Soffits

    C I Products offers a range of hollow UPVC soffit boards. These are easy to handle and quick to install, with an ability to add a superb overall appearance to the aesthetics of your home.

    Created to deliver a professional finish with each installation, our UPVC soffits are also easy to maintain, as they need never be painted or treated. By simply wiping them occasionally with a damp cloth, they will look as good as new for life.

    The range of hollow soffits are manufactured to be fitted using a traditional tongue-and-groove technique for a timeless appearance. They’re also available in a range of colours to suit perfectly the architecture of any home, irrelevant of the aesthetics or era.

    Deeplas Cladding Chart

    Deeplas Roofline Chart


    Choice of colours


    The right finish matters, so we’ve created our PVC-U fascia boards in a range of colours and wood grain textures to suit every type of property:

    • Deeplas white
    • Mahogany
    • Golden Oak
    • Rosewood
    • Black Ash
    • Bright White